MicroArray Data: Intrinsic cardiorespiratory fitness modulates clinical and molecular response to caloric restriction

Published: 9 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dny8xdmj29.1
Johanna Fleischman,


High capacity runner (HCR) and low capacity runner (LCR) rats were calorically restricted for 1 year. Liver and whole gastrocnemius muscle tissue samples were harvested after 1 year and snap frozen. All liver samples were harvested from fasted animals, and muscle samples were harvested from animals that were either fed or fasted. mRNA was isolated for Illumina Gene Expression BeadChip Array which was analyzed by the University of Michigan Advanced Genomics Core. Log-scaled microarray data for liver and muscle are supplied as tab-delimited .txt files. The first three columns are identifying columns for the fed or fasted state, caloric restriction or ad libitum, and HCR or LCR; followed by gene columns. Genes are annotated using Affymetrix IDs. The third tab-delimited .txt file supplies the Affymetrix-to-Entrez ID key that was used for pathway analysis with LRPath.



University of Michigan


Rat, Liver, Muscle, Fitness, Calorie Restriction