Physionet EEGMMIDB in MATLAB structure and CSV files to leverage accessibility and exploitation

Published: 13 May 2024| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/dpmtgrn8d8.4
Zaid Shuqfa,


This dataset is a cleansed, transformed, and structured version of the Physionet EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset ( The original dataset is licensed under Open Data Commons Attribution ( The dataset is offered in two formats for versatility and convenience; A MATLAB structure (version 7.3) and a collection of CSV files. Kindly, cite the dataset and the data description paper found under "Related links", below.


Steps to reproduce

Detaild data descriptor and reproduction guide can be found in Shuqfa, Z., Lakas, A. and Belkacem, A.N., 2024. Increasing Accessibility to a Large Brain-Computer Interface Dataset: Curation of Physionet EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset for Decoding and Classification. Data in Brief, p.110181.


UAE University College of Information Technology


Biomedical Engineering, Computational Neuroscience, Electroencephalography, Brain-Computer Interface