Data for: A Complex Network Perspective for Characterizing Urban Travel Demand Patterns

Published: 19 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dprhdyxk7s.1
Meead Saberi


The data contains information on the network structure of the origin-destination travel demand, including sampled trips by all modes, from Chicago, USA and Melbourne, Australia. The network information for Melbourne is originally sourced from the "Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity (VISTA) 2007-2008" accessible via and for Chicago is originally sourced from the "Chicago Travel Tracker Survey 2007-2008" accessible via Data is in .mat format suitable to open and edit in MATLAB. "Chicago_links_all_trips" and "Melbourne_links_all_trips" include a list of nodes with the associated latitude and longitude in each city. Example: 1, 141.420135, -34.185432. Description: Node 1 is located at 141.420135 and -34.185432. "Chicago_nodes_all_trips" and "Melbourne_nodes_all_trips" include the number of trips represented in the 3rd column between node i (1st column) and node j (2nd column) for each city. Example: 117,143,2. Description: There are 2 trips going from node 117 to node 143. ​



University of New South Wales


Applied Mathematics, Transportation Engineering, Spatial Network