Data for: Leveraging blockchain to improve automotive supply chain traceability

Published: 25 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dpvyhpykk9.1
Soham Kulkarni,


The automotive industry worldwide seems to be spontaneously changing with supply chain improvement being one of the main focus areas along with cost reduction, process optimization and enhancing timely throughput. The general success parameter for achieving a better output in all the said focus areas is having an effective traceability system in place. Traceability for the automotive industry is a system documenting the genealogy of parts involved in manufacturing a specific product. Even with companies having an enormous amount of capital invested for perfecting their supply chain and achieving traceability, it is seen that they still have limited visibility and insight into their supply chain at a given instance. This study aims to leverage blockchain technology to eliminate inefficiencies of the conventional automotive supply chains for increasing transparency, streamlining processes and decentralizing network while providing stakeholders and companies with a host of value-adding features that ensure smoother and faster transaction. The data-set contains supporting files for the study that demonstrates the advantages of blockchain enabled automotive supply chain. It also contains the Hyperledger Composer files that was used for deployment of the said network.



VIT University


Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Automotive Industry, Global Supply Chain Strategies