Data for: Applying microbial indicators of hydrocarbon toxicity to contaminated sites undergoing bioremediation on subantarctic Macquarie Island.

Published: 27 December 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dr4kzyg6n8.1
Belinda Ferrari, Sally Crane, Greg Hince, Tim Spedding, Catherine King, Eden Zhang, Daniel Wilkins, Josie van Dorst


Applied microbial data and associated meta-data for hydrocarbon contaminated soils from Macquarie Island. Samples were collected over a 5 year period from three contaminated sites, FF, MPH East and MPH South. The samples were analysed with ARISA community fingerprinting, MFQPCR, and 454 amplicon sequencing. The data represents the processed data from these platforms and associated environmental data.



Applied Microbiology