CFD Cases for Numerical Tracer Studies in Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Published: 17 August 2017| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/drckbhymx7.3
Jie Zhang


The files included in this dataset are the computational fluid dynamics cases used in the manuscript titled "Guidelines and Insights on Numerical Tracer Studies in Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities" by Jie Zhang and Andres Tejada-Martinez. The solvers used for the cases are: simpleFoam (standard solver), scalarTransportVaryDTFromNutFoam and scalarTransportVaryDTloseTracerFoam which are derived from the standard solver scalarTransportFoam, and pisoRasTracerFoam which is a combination of the standard solvers pisoFoam and scalarTransportFoam. These derived solvers were developed by the authors and the source codes are included in this directory. How to run the cases in this directory: 1) Install OpenFOAM (Unix system); 2) Compile the solvers under OpenFOAM directory; 3) Go to the cases and use OpenFOAM commands to run them.



Computational Fluid Dynamics