Stable carbon isotope data for Cedrus atlantica pollen

Published: 5 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/drhptnhg43.1
Benjamin Bell


Stable carbon isotope analysis data for modern pollen and sporopollenin from Cedrus atlantica trees (collected in Morocco and across Europe). And, stable carbon isotope analysis data for fossil pollen from Cedrus, sampled from 2 sediment cores at Sidi Ali and Col du Zad, Middle Atlas, Morocco. The modern pollen isotope data is compared with paired samples from leaves and stem material from the same sampled trees. The fossil pollen isotope data is compared with paired bulk sediment and concentrated organic samples from the same depths/age as the pollen, from the same core samples. For the fossil pollen isotope data, the Cedrus pollen data from the 2 core sites is also included. Further information is available in the original publication: Bell, B. A., Fletcher, W. J., Cornelissen, H. L., Campbell, J. F., Ryan, P. , Grant, H. and Zielhofer, C. (2019), Stable carbon isotope analysis on fossil Cedrus pollen shows summer aridification in Morocco during the last 5000 years. J. Quaternary Science



The University of Manchester


Cedrus, Climate Change, Environmental Change, Morocco, Pollen, Stable Isotope