Data associated with the article entitled Plasmepsin-like aspartyl proteases in Babesia

Published: 23 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ds3f2j32ny.1
Pavla Šnebergerová,


The dataset used for the phylogenetic analysis comprised 106 aspartyl protease (AP) protein sequences of representatives from the phylum Apicomplexa and related Vitrella and Chromera spp. All sequences were retrieved either from GenBank or EupathDB using blastp and tblastn BLAST algorithms and E-value cutoff 10-5. Alignment was constructed in Geneious Prime 2020.1.2. using MAFFT v7.017 with the default parameters for the gap opening penalty (1.53) and the offset value (0.123). The protein sequences were crosschecked for the presence of DTG/DTG or DTG/DSG aspartyl protease motifs. Poorly aligned N- (signal peptide included) and C-termini were manually trimmed which resulted in the final alignment comprising 324 amino acid positions.



Aspartic Endopeptidase, Babesia, Apicomplexa