Mulberry Leaf Dataset

Published: 3 April 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ds45yy9jrc.2


The mulberry leaf dataset is a collection of 10 cultivars that are taken in the natural environments using DSLR cameras and smartphones. We collected the data from three regions of Thailand: northern (Chiang Mai), central (Phit- sanulok), and northeast (Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram, and Maha Sarakham). The mulberry leaf images were captured from the natural environments. We recorded the images from different perspectives. There is a shadow that appears in the photo when holding the camera at a low position. However, when shooting from an eye-level position, the resulting image is sharp and the backlit image does not appear. All leaf images are recorded in the JPEG format. The mulberry leaf images were resized into 224 × 224 pixel resolution. The mulberry leaf dataset includes ten cultivars, which are four cultivars from Thailand: Chiang Mai 60 (386 images), Buriram 60 (500 images), Kamphaeng Saen 42 (640 images), and 761 images of mixed-breed mulberry (Chiang Mai 60 + Buriram 60). Three cultivars of Australia consist of King Red (500 images), King White (350 images), and Black Australia (637 images). Two cultivars of Taiwan consist of Taiwan Maechor (500 images) and Taiwan Strawberry (500 images). Also, 488 images of the Black Austurkey are from Turkey. This dataset contains 5,262 images in total. Note that mulberry experts advised examination of each mulberry species to label the data and avoid the errors due to the similarity pattern and shape of the leaves.



Mahasarakham University


Image Classification, Ensemble, Convolutional Neural Network