Corpus of Highlights Section

Published: 21 February 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dsc6ydj293.1
Erdem Akbas,


The corpus consists of highlights from 300 articles randomly collected from four subject disciplines representing the hard sciences, Chemistry (CH) and Computer Sciences (CS) and the soft sciences, Linguistics (LI) and Management (MA). In total, 300 highlights, comprising 1244 individual highlights, from the journals listed below are included in the Corpus of Highlights Section: Hard Sciences Chemistry (CH) • Analytical Biochemistry • Forensic Chemistry • Food Chemistry • Journal of Molecular Structure • Journal of Fluorine Chemistry Computer Science (CS) • Journal of Informetrics • Journal of Computational Science • Information Systems • Applied Soft Computing • Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems Soft Sciences Linguistics (LI) • English for Specific Purposes • Journal of Pragmatics • Journal of Second Language Writing • Language and Communication • Linguistics and Education Management (MA) • Human Resource Management Review • International Journal of Information Management • Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes • Journal of Vocational Behavior • Journal of Strategic Information Systems



Erciyes Universitesi, Payame Noor University


Corpus Analysis