Supplemental data for: Effects of multiple simultaneous faults on characteristic fault detection features of a heat pump in cooling mode

Published: 16 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dsck46c265.1
Yifeng Hu


This supplemental data consists of two sheets: “Unit information” and “Simultaneous data”. 1. “Unit information” provides the manufacturer and models for the tested heat pump. 2. “Simultaneous data” provides the residuals for simultaneous fault combinations of the tested heat pump. Column A: Fault combinations Columns B to E: Fault intensity for each fault type Column F: Evaporating temperature residual Column G: Superheat temperature residual Column H: Condensing temperature residual Column I: Subcooling temperature residual Column J: Discharge temperature residual Column K: Compressor suction pressure residual Column L: Compressor discharge pressure residual Column M: Liquid line pressure residual Column N: Outdoor unit power residual Column O: Refrigerant mass flow rate residual (The cases with inaccurate mass flow rate measurement can be inferred by a heat balance between air-side and refrigerant side of the evaporator) Column P: Residual of difference between condensing temperature and evaporating temperature Column Q: Compressor lift residual



Heat Pump, System Fault Detection