Hish Resolution Hyperspectral Raman images from Nthy3-1, FTC133 and RO82W-1 cell lines

Published: 15 May 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dshgffwykw.1
Kentaro Mochizuki, Kosuke Hashimoto, Yasuaki Kumamoto, Aurelien Pelissier, Yoshinori Harada, Katsumasa Fujita


Contains 25 Raw Hyperspectral Raman images measured from Nthyori3-1, FTC133 and RO82W-1 cell lines, after wavenumber calibration. One image data consist of a three dimensional matrix, the first two axis corresponding to the pixel position and the third axis being the Raman intensity spectrum at that pixel. One image contains roughly 80000 spectra with 1000 wavenumbers each, in the range of 700 - 3000 cm-1. Each .mat file contain two dictionaries: - origimagedata: Raw data 3darray of shape of (Width, Wavenumbers, Height) - wavenumber: 1-d array corresponding to the wavenumber values



Raman Spectroscopy