Data for: Synthesis and photodynamic antimicrobial activity of amphiphilic meso-arylporphyrins with pyridyl moieties

Published: 30 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dsxktg9bjr.1
Kseniya Zhdanova, Alexey Feofanov, Anastasia Ignatova, Inga Savelyeva, Oleg Gradov, Anton Lobanov, Andrey Mironov, Margaret Gradova


Supporting information contains 1H NMR-, LCMS- (ESI). FTIR-, fluorescence and UV-Vis-spectra data of synthesized compounds (Fig 1-6S). Fig. 7-9S contains investigation of PSs aggregation behavior in DMSO and aqueous micellar solutions. Fig. 10S shows antibacterial activity of the compounds 4a, b and 5a in relation to the suspension of E. coli.



Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Fluorescence, Absorbance, Mass Spectrum, Antimicrobial, 13C NMR Studies