Published: 8 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dt2ns8cv95.1
Palupi Sri,
esti setiawati slamet raharjo


Data were obtained from 222 prospective teacher students in the Mathematics Education study program, Elementary School Teacher Education, Special Education, Automotive Engineering Vocational Education, English Language Education, Indonesian Language and Literature Education, Citizenship Education, and Early Childhood Teacher Education. The data is an assessment of pedagogic competence and professional competence in the assessment when participating in the school field introduction program. Pedagogic competence is measured through five indicators, namely students' understanding, planning, implementing, evaluating, and developing potential actualization in learning. Professional competence is measured through ten indicators, namely mastery of the material, the ability to open, ask questions, present, vary, manage classes, close, and reflect on learning. Next is the ability to develop oneself and master information technology in learning.


Steps to reproduce

The data collection methods to be used are (1) documentation, this method is used to uncover authentic evidence about the mastery of pedagogic and professional competencies of students participating in the schooling field introduction program, and (2) Interview, this method is used to reveal how far the mastery of pedagogical and professional competencies is with the data source of the Head of the Center for Managing Teaching Practices, Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta. Moreover, (3) observation, this method is used to observe the implementation of the student school field introduction program in practical schools, and (4) survey, this method is used to reveal how far pedagogic and professional competence is with the help of questionnaires instruments. The data analysis technique that will be used in this study is a quantitative technique with factor analysis using the help of SPSS version 25 with confirmatory factor analysis.


Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta


Social Science Education, Teacher Training, Pre-Service Teacher