Data for: Comprehensive performance assessment of a continuous solar-driven biomass gasifier

Published: 22 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dt9smy27b3.1
Stephane Abanades,
Sylvain Rodat,
Srirat Chuayboon


1. Types of biomass feedstocks, 2. Typical measurements during a solar gasification experiment, 3. Typical evolution of syngas production rates during continuous biomass injection, 4. Operating conditions and solar reactor performances assessment, 5. Steam mass flow-rate chart for a stoichiometric H2O/biomass molar ratio, 6. Window deposit due to the presence of smoke at low temperature, 7. Effect of temperature on syngas yield and energy upgrade factor, 8. Kinetic study, 9. Ashes remaining in the reactor cavity, 10. Effect of biomass feeding rate for each biomass type at 1200 °C, 11. Effect of biomass feeding rate for each biomass type at 1300 °C, 12. Influence of biomass feeding rate on syngas production rates evolution, 13. Energy balance, 14. Comparison of the carbon consumption rate at different temperatures as a function of biomass feeding rate