MED117_Medicinal Plant Leaf Dataset & Name Table

Published: 19 January 2023| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/dtvbwrhznz.4


There are two datasets and one table uploaded in this platform under the title "MED117_Medicinal Plant Leaf Dataset & Name Table". A folder is created with title "MED 117 Leaf Species". Inside this two sub folders with titles " Raw leaf image set of medicinal plants_v2" and "Segmented leaf set using UNET segmentation" are created. Raw leaf image set consists of leaf images of 117 medicinal plants found in Assam. All the samples are collected by visiting different (Govt, Public and Private) medicinal gardens situated in different places of Assam and some other general places where they are mostly found. Videos of 10 to 15 seconds duration were taken for two to three leaves of every species on a white background and video recording was done using a SLR Canon Camera. Individual videos were segregated into image frames and thus were able to get around 77,700 jpg image frames from the videos. The Raw leaf image set consists of folders with scientific name and common name within bracket. Second folder with title "Segmented leaf set using UNET segmentation" consists of 115 medicinal plant species with their segmented leaf image samples using UNET segmentation technique. Here two species are excluded from the original dataset due to small unpredictable size of the samples, so total 115 subfolders inside the segmented folder is achieved. Thirdly a table in doc format with title "Medicinal Plant Name Table" is uploaded and it includes Scientific name, Common name and Assamese name of the plants listed in the folders in the same sequence. The whole contribution is absolutely original and new, collected from different sources then processed for segmentation and prepared the table by discussing with taxonomy experts from Botany department of Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam. India.



Gauhati University


Herbal Medicine, Medicinal Crop, Leaf Studies