Published: 17 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dv3bbhpb4h.1
Etienne Brauns


This dataset contains figures regarding my book (draft title) “A shattered Equivalence Principle in Physics and a future History of multiple Paradigm Big Bangs in “exact” Science”. The contents are based on my groundbreaking 2006 scientific findings which I protected in 2006 by a deposition of a text (69 pages, 18 figures) in front of a notary. My dissemination attempts from 2006 in scientific journals were blocked for over 15 years by the CPBDs (Contemporary Paradigm Believers and Defenders) as a result of the massive consequences for CS (Contemporary Science). Indeed, multiple CS paradigms became irrevocably falsified by my scientific findings causing a blocking denial by the CPBDS since 2006. A report about my long uphill scientific battle is presented in chapter 13 of my book. The title of my book is based on that CPBDs blocking strategy. Those CPBDs will have to admit in the end the falsification of multiple CS paradigms, based on photon phenomena and abandon their irrational defense of those flawed CS paradigms. In 2021 I received support from the Elsevier journals Optik and Results in Optics by submitting a well-planned series of three follow-up Open Access publications [1-3]: [1] Etienne Brauns, On two thought experiments revealing two massive theoretical anomalies, proving both the contemporary “ray of light” paradigm to be flawed and the impossibility of a photon to inherit any velocity vector component from its source, Optik 230 (2021) 165858, [2] Etienne Brauns, On a straightforward laser experiment, confirming the previously published irrevocable falsification of the Equivalence Principle paradigm for photon phenomena, Optik 242 (2021) 167178, [3] Etienne Brauns, On the concept and potential applications of a photons based device, measuring the velocity vector of an object, moving at high speed in space, Results in Optics 10 (2023) 100349, Since I frequently use dynamic figures (dynamic gif, mp4) to explain my scientific views I decided to use the Mendeley Data Repository platform for [1-3] and for my book. A Mendeley dynamic image file link can be implemented in the references of a publication (paper) and in the text body of a digital book. In that way a reader of a publication or book, in an appropriate digital format, has access to my illustrative dynamic images during reading, by clicking on the link of the corresponding dynamic image file. For convenience I introduced a unique starting code EMDRxyz for each file and its file name (EMDR=Elsevier Mendeley Data Repository). The reference of a file in my book is then [EMDRxyz] with xyz a unique number. In [1-3] the reader can therefore find 19 EMDRxy files (EMDR01-EMDR19] that I created at that time (2021-2023). For my book in this Mendeley Data Set there are now my additional files coded from EMDR020 up to EMDR251.



Natural Sciences, Physics, Optics, Photonics, Laser, Interferometry, Velocity