ROOT — A C++ framework for petabyte data storage, statistical analysis and visualization

Published: 1 December 2009| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dv5s34g6yw.1
I. Antcheva, M. Ballintijn, B. Bellenot, M. Biskup, R. Brun, N. Buncic, Ph. Canal, D. Casadei, O. Couet, V. Fine, L. Franco, G. Ganis, A. Gheata, D. Gonzalez Maline, M. Goto, J. Iwaszkiewicz, A. Kreshuk, D. Marcos Segura, R. Maunder, L. Moneta, A. Naumann, E. Offermann, V. Onuchin, S. Panacek, F. Rademakers, P. Russo, M. Tadel


This program has been imported from the CPC Program Library held at Queen's University Belfast (1969-2018) Abstract ROOT is an object-oriented C++ framework conceived in the high-energy physics (HEP) community, designed for storing and analyzing petabytes of data in an efficient way. Any instance of a C++ class can be stored into a ROOT file in a machine-independent compressed binary format. In ROOT the TTree object container is optimized for statistical data analysis over very large data sets by using vertical data storage techniques. These containers can span a large number of files on local disks, the w... Title of program: ROOT Catalogue Id: AEFA_v1_0 Nature of problem Storage, analysis and visualization of scientific data Versions of this program held in the CPC repository in Mendeley Data AEFA_v1_0; ROOT; 10.1016/j.cpc.2009.08.005 AEFA_v2_0; ROOT; 10.1016/j.cpc.2011.02.008



Computer Graphics, Information Retrieval, Computational Physics, Computational Method, Elementary Particles, Database