Data supplement for "Bird communities and rehabilitation of the Al Karaana Lagoons in Qatar"

Published: 18 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dvg33yf3xr.1
becky cramer,
Kuei-Chiu Chen,
Ayaterahman Draidia,
Momina Tareen,
Nuran Bayraktar


These data accompany the paper (with the same authors) entitled "Bird communities and rehabilitation of the Al Karaana La-goons in Qatar". Briefly, the data describe the number of individuals of each bird species observed at the Al Karaana Lagoons in Qatar before (2015, 2017) and after (2019-2021) restoration work at the lagoon. 2015 data are presence-absence only. Pre-restoration data were collected by independent contractors working for the Qatari government in preparation for the rehabilitation. Post-rehabilitation data were collected by us (primarily by KCC).



Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar


Ecology, Ornithology, Animal Migration, Treatment Wetland, Wetland Restoration, Constructed Wetland