Data supplement for "Bird communities and rehabilitation of the Al Karaana Lagoons in Qatar"

Published: 2 September 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/dvg33yf3xr.2
becky cramer, Kuei-Chiu Chen, Ayaterahman Draidia, Momina Tareen, Nuran Bayraktar


These data accompany the paper (with the same authors) entitled "Bird communities and rehabilitation of the Al Karaana La-goons in Qatar". Briefly, the data describe the number of individuals of each bird species observed at the Al Karaana Lagoons in Qatar before (2015, 2017) and after (2019-2021) restoration work at the lagoon. 2015 data are presence-absence only. Pre-restoration data were collected by independent contractors working for the Qatari government in preparation for the rehabilitation. Post-rehabilitation data were collected by us (primarily by KCC). This updated version removes one species (water rail), as the confidence in the identification was low.



Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar


Ecology, Ornithology, Animal Migration, Treatment Wetland, Wetland Restoration, Constructed Wetland