Faith in Transition: A Reflective Analysis of 'The Growing Faith' by Bruce P. Powers

Published: 24 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dvyzksgpsw.1
Flordeliza Afable


This reaction paper by Flordeliza P. Afable reflects on Bruce P. Powers' "Growing Faith," exploring personal experiences and challenges to faith. The author navigates through the stages of faith development, recounting a journey deeply intertwined with family, education, and personal beliefs. The narrative takes a poignant turn with the author's struggles following the deaths of her mother and grandmother, causing a profound crisis of faith. Amidst questioning and pleading with God, the paper explores the complex interplay between knowledge and feeling, belief and experience. The overview of faith delves into its definition, drawing from sources like St. Anselm of Canterbury and Santayana, emphasizing the unprovable assumptions that underlie human action. The paper questions the necessity of passing on one's faith, pondering the impact of indoctrination versus individual experiences and interpretations. Addressing the myths associated with passing on faith, the paper highlights the intentionality required in teaching the "why" behind values. It contends that spiritual vacuum can impact young adults negatively, urging parents to make continuous efforts in nurturing their children's faith. The paper concludes by emphasizing the importance of passing on a faith rooted in love and challenges the notion that faith is merely a vision, asserting that it makes individuals see beyond the visible. It urges readers to choose a faith with love, one that allows itself to be embraced by Jesus. In essence, this reaction paper serves as a personal exploration of faith, drawing on experiences, challenges, and the complexity of passing on beliefs to the next generation. The narrative encourages a deeper understanding of faith and the significance of nurturing it with intentionality and love.



Religion, Education, Personality