Influence of heat treatment on mRNA expression in PBMCs from healthy donors and ME/CFS patients

Published: 24 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dw6y4r7hcr.1
Barbara Hochecker


Our research hypothesis was that heat treatment by water-filtered infrared-A irradiation (wIRA) at 39 °C for 60 minutes would lead to changes in mRNA expression compared to an untreated control. PBMCs from healthy donors and ME/CFS patients were studied. The following files show the calculation of n-fold mRNA expression of the genes AMPK1α, ATG7, Beclin1, FOXO3, HSPA5, IL-10, MAP1LC3B, SIRT1 and ULK1 using the 2-ΔΔCt method, as well as the calculated n-fold mRNA expression values per gene. The data show activation of mRNA gene expression of MAP1LC3B, SIRT1 and HSPA1 by wIRA irradiation.



Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen


Gene Expression, Heat Treatment