Rice Leaf Diseases Dataset

Published: 19 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dwtn3c6w6p.1
Leo Prasanth Lourdu Antony


Overview: The Rice Life Disease Dataset is an extensive collection of data focused on three major diseases that affect rice plants: Bacterial Blight (BB), Brown Spot (BS), and Leaf Smut (LS). The dataset has been curated to assist researchers, agronomists, and machine learning practitioners in understanding, diagnosing, and potentially predicting the occurrence of these diseases, based on various attributes and parameters. Dataset Features: 1. Disease Type: This categorizes the observation into one of the three diseases: Bacterial Blight (BB), Brown Spot (BS), or Leaf Smut (LS). 2. Leaf Images: High-resolution images of rice leaves exhibiting symptoms of the specified disease. This aids in visual diagnosis and machine learning-based image recognition tasks. 3. Symptom Description: Textual description outlining the major symptoms visible on the leaf, offering a more detailed understanding of the disease's progression and manifestation. 4. Environmental Parameters: Data on temperature, humidity, and other weather conditions at the time of observation. This can help in understanding the environmental triggers for each disease. Potential Uses: 1. Disease Prediction and Early Detection: Machine learning models can be trained on this dataset to predict the likelihood of a rice plant contracting one of these diseases based on environmental and agronomic factors. 2. Disease Distribution Mapping: Understand the geographical spread and hotspots of these diseases. 3. Impact of Agronomic Practices: Determine which farming practices might contribute to or deter the spread of these diseases. 4. Image Recognition: Train machine learning models to automatically detect and classify these diseases from images of rice leaves.



Bacterial Disease, Rice, Agricultural Health