email management

Published: 10 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dx23dgjp46.1
Elisabeth Noll


To obtain the data basis for the article "Email Management Strategies: Their Effects on Email Management Performance", we conducted an online-survey on the crowdsourcing platform Prolific in 2018. To increase the probability of respondents using email clients at work to a certain extent, we filtered the participant pool for their “industry role”, their “employment status”, and their “weekly working hours”. The industry role of the respondents was described as consultant, junior management, middle management, trained professional, or upper management. The employment status of the participants was either full-time or part-time. For the weekly working hours, we only included people who indicated that they worked more than twenty hours per week. The estimated completion time for the questionnaire was 10 minutes and every participant who completed the study received a reward of 1.50 pounds sterling. The questionnaire itself was programmed in Unipark . Before analyzing the data, we reconciled the survey data with the data provided by Prolific, which comprise all prescreening data and certain socio demographic data on the respondents. A total of 300 individuals took part in the online-survey. We had to exclude one dataset due to inconsistencies in the respondent’s answers between the two data sets. Thus, the sample for the data analysis consists of 299 individuals (144 females, 155 males). Because we had two missing entries due to age and weekly working hours, the number of individuals with full data sets was 297.