Data for: Development of a Predictive Model for Extubation Failure in weaning from mechanical ventilation: a retrospective cohort study.

Published: 21 October 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dyhx8dmcw5.1
Jorge Sará Ochoa, Olga Henández, Fabian Jaimes


This dataset was made at a University Hospital with 40 medical-surgical beds in the ICU. The Ethics Committee of the Hospital and School of medicine at Universidad de Antioquia approved the research pursuant to the ethical standards set forth in the 1964 declaration of Helsinki and its later amendments. Variables were taken from manual and electronic medical records, from January to December 2014. The data were recorded on predesigned forms, transcribed to an Excel database (Microsoft (copyright) Corporation, 2010) and analyzed with IBM SPSS.



Intensive Care Unit