Can split renal volume assessment by computed tomography replace nuclear split renal function in living kidney donor evaluations? A systematic review and meta analysis

Published: 6 July 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/dyn2bfgxxj.2
Steven Habbous


Relative kidney volume may act as a surrogate for relative kidney function for the evaluation of living kidney donor candidates. The purpose of the analysis from which this data were gathered was the correlation of split renal volume (SRV)% from computed tomography (CT) with split renal function (SRF)% from nuclear renography, with the measure of association being Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r). For studies that did not report r, we calculated it where possible by abstracting individual-level data from published tables. Alternatively, the figures of studies presenting scatterplots (SRV vs. SRF as a percentage or a ratio) and/or their respective Bland-Altman plots were digitized ( and r was estimated directly from the extracted data. Digitization enables otherwise inaccessible information to be pooled in an individual patient meta-analyses. The digitized data are provided here.


Steps to reproduce

Digitize plots from original manuscripts.


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