Design of a low-cost and portable electronic device to estimate ground reaction forces during human gait

Published: 11 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dytcsytcxw.1


This repository proposes a low-cost electronic system for estimating ground reaction forces (GRF) and plantar pressure center (CoP). The device consists of two slave nodes and one master node. The master node sends instructions to its slave nodes, and each slave node comprises two electronic boards that display and store data from two force insoles equipped with 14 piezo-resistive FlexiForce A301 sensors. To begin capturing movements, the slave nodes are fixed to each participant’s feet. Once the walk is completed, the information obtained by the slave nodes can be downloaded by accessing the Access Point that these devices generate through Wi-Fi communication.



Universidad del Cauca


Electronic Design