Mindset Behaviour Intellect

Published: 28 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dyv8824kns.1
Anne Alter


Heterogeneous sample including items to assess the growth mindset about personality, intellect according to the TIF, SJT items to measure behaviour tendencies, as well as demographic data.


Steps to reproduce

Participants were recruited at university, by actively distributing e-mails to companies and private persons, as well as through social media. Analysis were conducted with R Studio. Scales used: A German adaption of the Mindset scale of Dweck, Chiu and Hong (1995); SJT for the assessment of the Big 5 (Mussel, Gatzka, & Hewig, 2018), intellect scale according to the Typical Intellect Framework (Mussel, 2013). Please contact the author for exact item selection.


Freie Universitat Berlin Campusbibliothek Natur- Kultur- und Bildungswissenschaften Mathematik Informatik und Psychologie


Personality Psychology