Data for: Improving the Direct Strength Method Prediction of Column Flexural-Torsional Failure Loads

Published: 7 December 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dzx4x92535.1
Dinar Camotim, André Dias Martins, Alexandre Landesmann, Pedro Borges Dinis


These supplementary data consist of tables providing relevant information about representative samples of the column considered in the work. This information comprises the column (i) geometries (cross-section dimensions and lengths, (ii) geometrical properties, (iii) yield stresses, (iv) numerical ultimate strengths and (v) quantities associated with the DSM-based ultimate strength prediction. The tables are divided into four groups (A to D), each concerning columns with given support conditions (F, PCM, PCm and PS and columns, respectively). Each group comprises seven tables (*.1 to *.7), each corresponding to columns exhibiting a given cross-section shape (U, C, H, R, RLC, WSC and WFSC columns, respectively).



Structural Behavior