PairDiag: An exact diagonalization program for solving general pairing Hamiltonians

Published: 21 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dzzspfszsh.1


We present a program for solving exactly the general pairing Hamiltonian based on diagonalization. The program generates the seniority-zero shell-model-like basis vectors via the ‘01’ inversion algorithm. The Hamiltonian matrix is constructed in this seniority-zero space. The program evaluates all non-zero elements of the Hamiltonian matrix “on the fly” using the scattering operator and a search algorithm. The matrix is diagonalized by using the iterative Lanczos algorithm. The OpenMP parallel program thus developed, PairDiag, can efficiently calculate the ground-state eigenvalue and eigenvector of the general pairing Hamiltonian for both the even-mass and the odd-mass system. The program is packaged in a Fortran module, which makes it easy to use the program to replace the BCS approximation in standard self-consistent mean field calculations. For systems with dimension around 10^8, the calculation can be done within hours on standard desktop computers.



Nuclear Physics, Computational Physics