Data for: Data on health risk assessment of nitrate contamination in groundwater of rural areas in the Yerraguntla Mandal, South India

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f22vb6fmgk.1
B Suvarna


present study was to determine the distribution levels of nitrate contamination in drinking water and its associated health impact limestone mining area Yerraguntla. For this 40 ground water samples were collected randomly during April 2018. Most of the groundwater samples are exceeding the permissible limits of nitrate (45 mg/l). Nitrate concentration in groundwater samples ranges from 2.50 to 760.12, with a mean of 86.13. Hence health risk assessment of nitrate has been carried out. Hazard quotient (HQ) values for infants, children, male and female ranges from 0.05 to 14.25; 0.06 to 18.53; 0.04 to 12.18 and 0.05 to 14.62 respectively. The finding of data showed that HQ value was more than 1 in 42.5 % of samples in groups of infants, children and female, and 35 % of samples in group of male.



Groundwater Contamination