Pedagogical Skills Development for Engendering Continuous Experience: The Learner Centric Approaches

Published: 27 April 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/f2sdwjrhpk.3
Prof. Anil Dongre


In view of the shortcoming in traditional education methodologies, this data is an attempt to discuss in details, the conception about progressive educational methodologies; how it elate to rich and strong continuous experience which lead to formation of habits and attitudes, which is very aim of education. Further more importantly the paper is an elaborative attempt to understand the different learner centric approaches or methodologies that can be useful to the faculties while imparting education in the classrooms in today’s educational environment which is obsessed with use of computational technologies, such as thinking map and decolonizing classroom learner centric approach.



North Maharashtra University


Education, Pedagogy of Teacher Education