Artificial intelligence tools in the field of scientific research and writing assistance

Published: 15 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f37gzhtgvk.1
Ahmed Alalaq


In light of the escalating pace of the digital revolution and the diversification of uses of computing and programming techniques, the modernization of its codes and inputs, and the resulting tremendous development in the field of electronics and its classifications and divisions, humanity has become confronted with surprises related to network programs and data in terms of shocking inputs and outputs, and the outcome of the work of traditional applications and programs. There was an update in its structure and the services it provides to various segments, so what is called artificial intelligence (AI) appeared on the horizon. Artificial intelligence is digital computer programs that perform tasks that humans used to perform. It is the ability of a computer to perform tasks with high accuracy in terms of input and output and to carry out tasks that require human intelligence or exceed it in some cases in various areas of life. Therefore, it is a simulation of human abilities that may include feelings, learning, expressing opinions, and presenting ideas. In our research, we will discuss a number of artificial intelligence tools that are part of modernizing the scientific research system and helping scientific writing in a solid scientific manner.



University of Kufa


Artificial Intelligence