MATLAB/HOMER Polygeneration HESS link

Published: 16 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f39n2kpk79.1
Moritz Wegener


The files attached contain a model coupling MATLAB and HOMER in order to optimize small-scale polygeneration systems for minimum lifetime costs. A publication draft titled "Techno-economic optimization model of polygeneration hybrid energy storage systems using biogas and batteries" has been submitted, where the model is further explained. The dataset contains: - 4 ".homer" files, which start the execution of the model. 2 are for the optimal polygeneration case, 2 are for the reference case. - 3 ".m" matlab files containing the Matlab code, where a significant part of the model is computed. - 2 Excel files: 1 containing electricity demand data, 1 containing biomass availability data.


Steps to reproduce

HOMER Energy and MATLAB are necessary to run the code. Further explanation on how HOMER can be linked to MATLAB is given here "".


Energy Engineering, Biomass Technology, Constrained Optimization, Polygeneration System, Biogas Power Plant