Indoor Laboratory Fire Dataset

Published: 12 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f3mjnbm9b3.1
Amril Nazir


This dataset contains time-series data of 8 controlled fire laboratory experiments in which 4 experiments were conducted using electric fire source, 2 experiments were conducted using paperboard carton source, and the other 2 experiments were conducted using clothing source. For each experiment, the sensor measurements of humidity, temperature, MQ139, TVOC, and eCO2 were recorded at the beginning when the fires were triggered to the point end when the fire alarm gets activated/sets off. Each CSV file represents time-series data for a specific fire source e.g., carton, electrical, and clothing fire.


Steps to reproduce

Each experiment is conducted separately using three main methods to trigger the fire, namely electrical devices, cartons, and clothes. For most experiments, the fires were triggered using electrical devices (wounded element as the heater). As for the others, the fires were triggered using material from paperboard cartons (paper with plastic layer) and clothes. Each sensor takes the measurement every second. For every second, the sensors capture the humidity, temperature, ammonia (NH3), TVOC, and eCO2 readings.


Zayed University - Abu Dhabi Campus


Disaster Management, Fire Detection