Problems And Prospects Of Primary Healthcare:A Case Study Of Odo-owa Oke-Ero Local Government Kwara State

Published: 22 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f58j9j8zyx.1
Abiola Fabunmi ,


The research topic "Prospects of Primary Health Care: A Case Study of Odo-owa Oke-Ero Local" explores the potential outcomes and challenges associated with the primary health care system within the specific context of Odo-owa Oke-Ero Local. The study aims to uncover critical insights into the effectiveness, accessibility, and impact of primary health care services on the local community's health and well-being.Hypothesis: The central hypothesis of this research is that an improved and well-functioning primary health care system has the potential to significantly enhance the overall health outcomes and quality of life for residents in Odo-owa Oke-Ero Local. Specifically, the research hypothesizes that:Accessible and comprehensive primary health care services directly correlate with reduced incidence of preventable diseases and improved health indicators among the local population.Community engagement and awareness-building initiatives positively influence the utilization of primary health care services, resulting in more timely and appropriate healthcare-seeking behavior.Adequate training, staffing, and resources allocated to the primary health care facilities lead to higher patient satisfaction and improved healthcare delivery, subsequently contributing to better health outcomes.Identification of existing gaps and challenges within the primary health care system can inform targeted interventions that have the potential to enhance its efficacy and impact.Through rigorous data collection, analysis, and comparison with existing literature, this study seeks to either validate or refute these hypotheses, contributing to a deeper understanding of the prospects of primary health care services in Odo-owa Oke-Ero Local. The findings could offer valuable insights for policy recommendations, resource allocation, and community-based initiatives aimed at strengthening primary health care delivery and improving overall health outcomes in similar contexts.



Epidemiology, Public Health, Community Health, Community Health Service