Data for: Wearing your Heart on your Screen: Investigating Congruency-effects in Autonomic Responses and their Role in Interoceptive Processing during Biofeedback

Published: 13 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f5bt6yz6cd.1
Lilla Hodossy, Manos Tsakiris


Data-sets for two studies using cardiac biofeedback and measuring HF-HRV. The main analysis in the originally published article was on the following data sets: Experiment 1 : HALF_TRIALS_EXP1.xlsx and HALF_ACCURACY1.xlsx Experiment 2: EXP2.xlsx For the unique code of variables, manipulation and covariates please refer to the methods and result sections in the original article. We also provide the reproducible APA manuscript saved as a RMD file: "Hodossy_Tsakiris_after_reviews" which has several requirements. Please refer to: for help with the set up. The analysis script is accessible as an R source file "Hodossy_Tsakiris_analysis" Make sure that all required files from the repository are downloaded and are in your current working directory. Files are available on GitHub: For more help on the data sets please e-mail with the corresponding author.