Energy in mitigating grain storage losses in India and the impact for nutrition

Published: 14-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f5bts5wyyh.1
Matthew Gibson


This dataset contains four files. The first 'Manuscript Code and Visualisation.ipynb' contains the code for an energy model used to quantify energy requirements for stored grains in India. Also within this file is the code for a series of plots and visualisations used in the manuscript 'Energy in mitigating grain storage losses in India and the impact for nutrition'. The folder 'Manuscript Data' contains three csv files; 'food_loss_rates.csv', 'grain_data.csv', and 'india_grain_loss_nutrition.csv'. The first of these contains survey data on losses by food group, region, and supply chain stage in India from the study by Jha et al (2015) from ICAR. We have digitized this data for use in the study. The second csv contains data on the biophysical characteristics of the five grains studied, including literature sourced values for harvest and storage moisture content and temperature. This data serve as inputs to the energy model described above. The third csv is a dataframe compiled by the authors from a number of different sources, and includes: India district level grain production statistics, loss rates, nutrition profiles (calories, protein, iron, zinc, vitamin A), calculated additional nutrition supply, and associated error/uncertainty with these values. Sources for this data can be found in the corresponding paper of the same title.