Scrum Metaprocess: A Process Line Approach for Customizing Scrum (Appendices)

Published: 30 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f5dbbsj3p6.1
Halimeh Agh,


This dataset contains the appendices of an unpublished paper that proposes a Software Process Line (SPrL) approach for configuring/reconfiguring Scrum. In this paper, we have represented the process variabilities of the Scrum framework as a Scrum metaprocess, which acts as the core process of a generic SPrL for Scrum. The situations in which each variation point of the metaprocess can be resolved by a specific variant have been identified. The metaprocess has been implemented in the Medini-QVT tool, along with transformation rules that provide the means for automatic resolution of the variabilities. The validity of the metaprocess has been evaluated through an industrial case study. The appendices contain information on some of the methods used in the proposed approach, examples, and the datasets and results of the case study.


Steps to reproduce

Transformations implemented in the Medini-QVT tool for providing a specific level of automation in resolving variabilities identified in the Scrum metaprocess. The validity of the proposed approach has been assessed by conducting an industrial case study. Through this study, existing processes in the target organizations have been documented. Furthermore, problems in the existing processes have been identified through interview sessions. Processes have then been produced by resolving the variabilities of the Scrum metaprocess. Specific parts of these processes have been applied in the target organization. To gain feedback about the practices applied, a questionnaire has been filled out by the subjects.


Sharif University of Technology


Software Engineering, Software Engineering Method, Software Process Modelling, Software Process