Data for: Evidence for slow late-glacial ice retreat in the upper Rangitata Valley, South Island, New Zealand.

Published: 20-02-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f6djh3zcy5.1
James Shulmeister,
David Fink,
Stefan Winkler,
Glenn Thackray,
Rosabella Borsellino,
Maree Hemmingsen,
Tammy Rittenour


Four data sets. 1. A photographic archive of a selection of boulders used for CRN dating in the Rangitata. 2. A photographic archive of the landscape types on the Butler Downs in the Rangitata 3. CRONUS output for Rangitata CRN samples 4. CRONUS input file for CRN ages.