Original data of SNHG12-occludin project

Published: 14 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f6mxbf9z6m.1
liyuan li


We sought to characterize BBB integrity in Snhg12 eKO mice by measuring the leakage of exogenous FITC-dextran tracers. FITC-conjugated 40-kDa or 70-kDa dextran tracer (250μg/g) dissolved in saline was injected to 3-month-old Snhg12 eKO and control mice through the tail vein. Brains and retinas were harvested after 30-min or 40-min circulation. Vascular leakage of brain and retinas to 40-kDa or 70-kDa dextran tracer was quantified by leakage intensity of extravascular fluorescein. The results showed that the brain of 3-month-old Snhg12 eKO mice displayed obvious extravascular accumulation of 40kDa-dextran, whereas the fluorescein was confined to microvessels in control littermates. Meanwhile, we checked the integrity of blood-retina barrier (BRB), an analog of BBB. In the eyes of Snhg12 eKO mice, severe vascular leakage was observed through 40kDa-dextran, but not in the eyes of control mice. The integrity of BBB and BRB were further quantified by measuring the leakage of a larger molecule tracer (70kDa-dextran) in Snhg12 eKO mice. The fluorescent tracer was constrained to the vessels of both brain and retina. .