Cascade Diversification Directs the Generation of Neuronal Diversity in Hypothalamus

Published: 16 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f72pdw59zr.1
Qing-Feng Wu


This study offers a single-cell framework for hypothalamus development and reveals that multiple cell types along the order of lineage hierarchy contribute to the fate diversification of hypothalamic neurons in a stepwise fashion. Our study provide a dataset of the transcriptome of 43,261 cells derived from Rax+ hypothalamic neuroepithelium, which maps a developmental landscape of mouse hypothalamus and delineates the developmental trajectory of radial glial cells (RGCs), intermediate progenitor cells (IPCs), nascent neurons and peptidergic neurons in the lineage hierarchy. The additional data deposited here provide more evidences to support our conclusion.



Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology Chinese Academy of Sciences


Bioinformatics, Biological Database