Data for: Governance of Marine Aquaculture: Pitfalls, Potential, and Pathways Forward

Published: 07-03-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f8bjtty9rf.1
Ian Davies,
Valerie Carranza,
Halley Froehlich,
Rebecca Gentry,
peter kareiva,
Ben Halpern


- "supplementary_data.xlsx" contains all of the variables used in our analysis and case study data - "FAO_CodeOfConductAqua2017_clean.csv" contains the cleaned and aggregated responses from the 2017 FAO questionnaire used in this study (title "REGIONAL STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF RESPONSES BY FAO MEMBERS, REGIONAL FISHERIES BODIES AND AQUACULTURE NETWORKS TO THE 2017 QUESTIONNAIRE ON THE CODE OF CONDUCT FOR RESPONSIBLE FISHERIES IMPLEMENTATION IN AQUACULTURE")