A study of stem cell marker lineage marker gene expression and clonal expansion in TGFβR2iSMC-Apoe mice Chen et al. Related to Fig 4

Published: 2 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f8s8gjyyw6.1
Simons Lab


Characterization of TGFβR2iSMC-Apoe-/- mice after 1 month of high cholesterol high fat by histology, imaging mass cytometry (IMC), histoCAT, CyTOF, and immunocytochemistry. Aortic smooth muscle cells from TGFβR2iSMC-Apoe-/- express stem cell markers (CD105, CD73, CD90, Sca-1, CD44), mesenchymal cell markers (Osteopontin, Aggrecan, Adiponectin). To show clonal origin of smooth muscle cell-derived mesenchymal cells in TGFβR2iSMC-Apoe mice-/-, we replaced mTmG reporter strain TGFβR2iSMC-Apoe mice generating Myh11CreERT2;Tgfbr2f/f;Apoe-/-;Confettif/f and Myh11CreERT2;Apoe-/-:Confettif/f (control) lines.