Survey data-set of thermal responses in MPC panels to passive solar gain under clear-skies

Published: 23 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/f8yg8d74j5.1
Christopher Leung,


In this data, the sub-surface temperature of architectural panels cast in concrete with a novel Magnesium Phosphate Cement (MPC) composition is reported when exposed to outdoor prevailing meteorological conditions that are typical of a north-facing building façade in an urban location. During the 12-month survey (2016 to 2017) diurnal time-series are reported when conditions approximated clear-skies. Data is given for nine MPC panels, three duplicates of three architectural panels with a different exposed surface area. The data contains the incident solar radiation, ambient air temperature and sub-surface temperature of each panel. Time-series recorded aiming to study the passive heating effect of direct sun-light on the surface of novel concrete mixtures in assessing bioreceptivity to algae and microflora. Time-series for days with clear sky conditions numbered by sidereal day number (DN) for use in model and simulation studies.



University College London


Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering