Lipidome of high-density lipoproteins of blood from patients with heterzygous familial hypoalphacholesterolemia and from controls

Published: 13 September 2017| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/f9yxjrr42j.3
Emile Zakiev,
Marie Lhomme


Lipidomic data used for production of PCA, Heatmaps, Bubble Plots and Double bond vs Carbon Chain Length 3D charts. Each dataset features data from several control subject samples and five patient subjects.


Steps to reproduce

All datasets were converted to wt% units prior to visualization. Reproduction in R: PCA charts were produced using ggbiplot function from eponymous package Heatmaps were built using heatmap.2 function from gplots package Bubble plots and "Double bond vs Carbon Chain Length" 3D charts were crafted using plot_ly function from plotly package