Perceived air pollution in Australia, Brazil, China, Ghana, India, Iran, Italy, Norway, South Africa, USA before and during COVID-19 restrictions

Published: 26-10-2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/fb38h4tyzn.3
Diego Maria Barbieri,
Baowen Lou,
Marco Passavanti,
Brij Maharaj,
Arunabha Banerjee,
Fusong Wang,
Kevin Chang,
Bhaven Naik,
Lei Yu,
Zhuangzhuang Liu,
Gaurav Sikka,
Andrew Tucker,
Ali Foroutan Mirhosseini,
Sahra Naseri,
Yaning Qiao,
Akshay GUPTA,
Montasir Abbas,
Kevin Fang,
Shubham Goswami,
Amir Hessami,
Prince Peprah,
Nithin Agarwal,
Louisa Lam,
navid ghasemi,
Cang Hui


Data regarding the perceived air pollution are collected by means of an online survey distributed between 11-05-2020 and 31-05-2020 in Australia, Brazil, China, Ghana, Italy, India, Iran, Norway, South Africa and the United States. The survey respondents are asked to evaluate the perceived air pollution quality before and during the COVID-19 restrictions according to a Likert scale varying from "1=extremely low/absent" to "7= extremely high". Overall, the data shows that an improvement in air quality is perceived by the respondents in all the ten investigated countries. The online survey has been created with Google Forms and WenJuanXing and conveniently translated into Chinese, English, Italian, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese and has been distributed via email, social media and professional networks. Overall, the total number of respondents is approximately equal to 10 000.