Data for: Gully-erosion estimation and terrain reconstruction using analyses of microtopographic roughness

Published: 27 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fb4697x84x.1
Zachary Brecheisen


The files in this folder are: Brecheisen_SvFRD_CCZO.R <- This is the R-script for running the SvFRD algorithm as presented in this paper. CCZO_pot_gully_mask.tif <- This is a geotiff of the potential gully mask used in SvFRD as a function of upland masking, SD(slope), profile curvature, flow-accumulation, and TPI. watersheds_comparison.dbf/.prj/.shp/.shx <- This is a polygon shapefile (including supporting files) of the reference hardwood and post-agricultural old-field watersheds used for comparison in this study. Read_me.txt <- A text document with this information in it.



Soil Erosion, Geomorphology