Strain Rate Dependent Tensile Behavior and Austenite Transformation in Q&P Steels

Published: 20-01-2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/fbvwzggmwv.3
Christopher Finfrock


Original data uploaded to fulfill data availability requirements for MMTA manuscript: 'Strain Rate Dependent Ductility and Strain Hardening in Q&P Steels', accepted 7 December, 2020. Contact the authors with questions.


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For a paper describing the quantitative fractographic analysis, see: C. Finfrock, C. G. Becker, T. Ballard, G. Thomas, K. Clarke, and A. Clarke, “Tensile Deformation Characteristics and Austenite Transformation Behavior of Advanced High Strength Steels Considering Adiabatic Heating,” in Contributed Papers from Materials Science & Technology (MS&T19), 2019, pp. 1236–1243.