Supplementary Tables S1-S3

Published: 3 April 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/fckc8cw2jx.2
Svetlana Demidova, Alexander Nemchin, Renaud Merle, Yue Guan, James Head, Katherine Joy, Clive R. Neal, Martin Whitehouse, Mikhail Ivanov, Xiaolei Wang, Xiaochao Che, Cyril Lorenz, Theodoros Ntaflos


Supplementary Tables S1–S3


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EMPA analyses used 15 kV accelerating voltage, 30 nA focused beam, 20 s on-peak counting time and 10 s for each background. A PAP correction was applied for quantification. Data are provided in supplementary data table S2. The SIMS data processing and filtering procedure applied to the data acquired for this study are similar to those discussed by (Snape, J.F., Curran, N.M., Whitehouse, M.J., Nemchin, A.A., Joy, K.H., Hopkinson, T., Anand, M., Bellucci, J.J., Kenny, G.G., Ancient volcanism on the Moon: Insights from Pb isotopes in the MIL 13317 and Kalahari 009 lunar meteorites. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 2018, 502, 84–95; Merle, R.E., Nemchin, A.A., Whitehouse, M.J., Snape, J.F., Kenny, G.G., Bellucci, J.J., Connelly, J.N., Bizzarro, M., 2020. Pb-Pb ages and initial Pb isotopic composition of lunar meteorites: NWA 773 clan, NWA 4734, and Dhofar 287. Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 55, 8, 1808-1832.) The data are presented in Supplementary table S3.


Raman Spectroscopy, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, Mineral Chemistry